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Study Consultation

We provide study abroad consultation and evaluation, provide answers to your study abroad questions and offer the best study options that best suit students situation.

  • Detailed Student profile: evaluation of student study abilities, past school performances, public exam results, and compare to chosen Universities.  

  • Understand student study preference, long term target and economy background to provide professional study advises 

  • Provide suitable School and University choices, including an evaluation on University strength and weakness, facilities, and surrounding area, etc. 

  • Provide study budget according to chosen school or university, including tuition fee, accommodation fee, social expenses and living expenses

  • Answer to all study inquiries

Do you know?
Germany is famous for great engineering, besides that its design, architecture, business management and musical study are also well-known globally.  Do you know Germany has 17,000 different programs for student to choose from?
Student can choose the following studies based on his or her own interest:
  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Computer science

  • Culture study

  • Design

  • Economy

  • Engineering

  • Language

  • Law

  • Medicine

  • Pharmacy

  • Music

  • Philosophy

  • Psychology

  • Social science

and others...

  • Veterinary

  • Education


JAN    Universities

         Summer Semester

         admission closes

FEB   2017/2018 Secondary

        School admission


MAR   2017 Winter                     Semester starts

APR   2017 University

        Winter Semester

        admission starts 

JUL 12  DSE result release  

JUL   2017  University

       Winter Semester

       admission closes

SEP   2017/2018 Secondary

        School starts

OCT   University Winter

        Semester starts

DEC   2018 University

        Summer Semester 

        admission starts

Important Dates

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