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Thoss Education Service 團隊明白在眾多德國大學中選擇合適的升學機構是相當費時困難, 尤其德國的升學制度跟香港、台灣、澳門、美國、英國及澳洲有一定的差別。德國的升學資訊及專門的教育顧問亦比其他升學熱門國家少, 加上語言上的限制, 學生及家長往往未能得到最新的德國升學資訊。


我們致力協助學生及家長於選擇過程上獲得專業的意見, 除了提供升學諮詢、中學及大學課程介紹、留學德國申請及安排學簽証申請、就業輔導及咨詢等。我們的顧問更可給予學生充足的留學心理準備及文化輔導, 學生有充足資訊,把握留學時遇到的機會。

Thoss Education Service 根據學生的升學目標,協助規劃學生的未來之路。 為支持有意留學德國的學生,我們在過去5年不斷優化服務質素並擴闊服務範圍,我們聯同挑選的頂尖教育工作者提供更穩妥的留學方案,達到全面的一站式升學服務。

了解 Thoss Education Service 與合作伙伴的服務方案

​成功個案 及 客戶評價

G. Cheung


Technische Universität München

Major: Business + Informatics


Y. L. Chiu


Hochschule Mainz

Major: Business Law

Hochschule Mainz Logo.png

S. Chu


Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Major: Music


M. C. Wong


Hochschule Hof

Major: Business + Engineering


H. T. Sun


Academic for Cultural Diplomacy

Major: Social Science

Academic for Cultural Deplomacy.png

S. Lau


Hochschule Furtwangen

Major: Business


Y. W. Luk


Fachhochschule Südwestfalen

Major: Business + Informatics


R. Lee


Carpe Diem Private Ganztagsschule

Germany Language + Class 9


H. C. Siu


Gymnasium im Stift Neuzelle

Germany Language + Class 10


I will highly recommend TES to my friends. They help me a lot on my master programme application, including application document, interview preparation, and visa application. Most importantly, they provide instant reply on my enquiries.

S. Lau

Highly recommend Thoss education services if you are planning to study in Germany. They provide personal education scheme that enhance your opportunity getting in Germany university.

S. Wong

I strongly recommend Thoss Education. The advisor, Ms. Alby Wong, helped me a lot in shortlisting the Germany universities, preparing my profile and applying universities. She explained step-by-step what documents would be needed and what we should do in order to get the admission. I finally can get a place in my target university. Thank you Alby.

G. Cheung

I highly recommend Thoss education services. This was extremely beneficial during my job search. I was linked up with a personal advisor who assisted me with resume writing, networking, and interview training. The advisor had decades worth of experience as a senior executive in a well know corporation. One of the most valuable service was the multiple one on one mock interviews, providing me with confidence and insight. The entire experience was professional yet personal - constantly going above and beyond my expectations.

J. Wu

Professional and excellent service.

G. Chau

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