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Senior High study options

German students finish their middle highschool year at Year 10 (F.4) and prepare for University entrance exam. At this stage they are allow to choose study path which suits them, either focusing on Abitur curriculum (German A-level) or  IB curriculum, an international English program.

German student starts their preparation for Abitur from Year 11 (F.5) for 2 years, therefore German boarding school seldom take in new student at Year 12. Students who finish F.5 in Hong Kong usually repeat Year 11 in the German boarding school or, if of excellent grade, admit to Year 12. 

Abitur Curriculum

International Baccalaureate


JAN    Universities

         Summer Semester

         admission closes

FEB   2017/2018 Secondary

        School admission


MAR   2017 Winter                     Semester starts

APR   2017 University

        Winter Semester

        admission starts 

JUL 12  DSE result release  

JUL   2017  University

       Winter Semester

       admission closes

SEP   2017/2018 Secondary

        School starts

OCT   University Winter

        Semester starts

DEC   2018 University

        Summer Semester 

        admission starts

Important Dates

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