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Thoss Education Service


Q1.  Who can join this programme?

Anyone who is interested in studying in Germany will find this programme useful, no matter if you are looking for a Highschool, a Bachelor or a Master prorgamme in Germany.

Q2.  Why do I need to learn German before going to Germany?

To live in Germany requires German language skills even if you study international course, you will find yourself in many situations where being able to understand and speak the language give you advantages over others who do not.

Q3.  What is so unique about this programme?

DSLC and TES are both expert with what they do. While DSLC is one of the largest German Language schools in Hong Kong with well reputation, TES is one of the first study advisers to provide Germany study abroad solutions to Hong Kong students. This programme is tailored to help Hong Kong students to study in Germany with the least resistance, maximum assistance and full preparation. 

Q4.  Can I go to German University?

There are many pathways to German University, even if you do not have a satisfying DSE result. You might able to choose from public or private Universities and public or private Foundation Courses depending on your German skill.  To minimize confusion, we will provide individual analysis and offer you different study options.

Q5.  What is the minimum requirement for direct entry to German University ?

The minimum requirement is level 3 for 4 main subjects (Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies) plus level 3 for 2 other electives. However if you are looking for programmes from public University, the ideal is to achieve level 4 for all 6 subjects.

Q6.  What if I do not reach the minimum requirement for direct entry to German University ?

There is another pathway to University, if you are not eligible for direct entry, you can consider joining a one year foundation course and gain your qualification for direct entry after taking the final exam. 

Q7.  What do I learn in One-Year-Foundation-Course?

The subjects you learn depends on the programme you would like to study in Germany, however German is a standard subject.

Q8.  Is it guarantee that I will get accepted to a University after foundation course?

After foundation course, students are required to take part in a final assessment exam (Feststellungsprüfung). Once student passes the exam, he/she is qualified for direct entry to German University. 

Q9.  When should I decide if I need a service at Phase 2?

TES needs at least 3 months to work on student profiles, documentations and recommendations before final application to a University or Foundation Course. It is recommended to keep contact with TES during learning German with DSLC, so that TES will be able to provide updates.

Q10.  I am interested in services at Phase 2, however the plans does not completely fit me. What can I do?

We are flexible in our services and we can give you a tailored plan according to your needs. We will build an individual plan for you and you are still entitled for 10% off.

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