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Service A) Compact profile analysis and study suggestion

1. Profile analysis, including evaluation on student education background

2. Provide different study options based on student ability

3. A compact information pack on each study options, including duration of study, cost, possible further study  

4. Up to 90mins personal consultation on skype or whatsapp


Not included:

1. High schools/ Universities suggestion

2. Language schools suggestion

*100€ can be rebated when purchase other services. 

Service B) University recommendations

  1. Evaluation on student study performance, economy background and strength

  2. Recommend on possible study options based on student abilities and study preferences

  3. Provide maximum 5 Universities choices that best suit the student profile

  4. Provide detailed information about the Universities, comparison of its strength, facilities and focuses

  5. Prepare detailed living budget of studying at these Universities, including rental, tuition, social expenses, etc.

Service C) Study Consultation & Assist

  1. Individual profile analysis, including evaluation on study performance, economy background and personal strength

  2. Provide different study options based on student study preference and student abilities

  3. Provide suitable Universities suggestions, including comparison on school facilities, focuses, living environment, etc.

  4. Pricing index and living budget of specific school and living environment

  5. Assist in University applications, including assist in drafting motivation letter and resume

  6. Detailed individual preparation and study plan 

  7. Assist in Visa application


  * Extra 100€  for each additional education institution suggestion 

Service D) Abroad Assistance Service

  1. Transportation plan from Germany Airport to accommodation plus real time assistance* 

  2. Settle service*

    • Town Hall registration

    • Education Institution registration

    • Mobile contract

    • Internet contract

    • Living environment orientation

  3. One month consultation service after arrival 

  4. Regular contact during first semester

 *  Assistance via phone, email, communication app

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Services for Higher Education in Germany

Below are samples of our most popular service solutions and respective prices. Our packages of service solutions are flexible, which means student and parents can request to add or eliminate items to create a unique solution that best fits their needs. Please contact us for further enquiry. 


JAN    Universities

         Summer Semester

         admission closes

FEB   2017/2018 Secondary

        School admission


MAR   2017 Winter                     Semester starts

APR   2017 University

        Winter Semester

        admission starts 

JUL 12  DSE result release  

JUL   2017  University

       Winter Semester

       admission closes

SEP   2017/2018 Secondary

        School starts

OCT   University Winter

        Semester starts

DEC   2018 University

        Summer Semester 

        admission starts

Important Dates

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