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One-off service for German high-school search

Students must at least finish Form 2 in Hong Kong and have a good academic record. Once students are being considered by German high-schools, we can arrange pre-visit for parents and students. Our service is flexible, please refer to our popular service package and its price below.  It is possible to tailor package according to parents and students need. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further details.

German high-school service package

Consultation and school search
  1.  Evaluation and establish student profile , including academic record, strength and weakness.

  2.  Provide a throughout and professional consultation on study in Germany, according to student´s study preference, long term target, academic and financial ability.

  3.  Depends on student profile and preference, provide up to 5 suitable high-schools for selection.

  4.  Provide detail information about selected high-schools, including teaching vision, school facilities, subjects selection, school environment etc.

  5.  Provide a detailed budget including school fee, boarding fee, extra-activities costs and living cost. 

  6.  Arrange parents and students to visit their selected school * (When parents are not able to make a personal visit, TES can represent and provide video and visiting report)

School application

7.  Prepare all necessary documents for application purpose, include assistance and help with building curriculum vitae and motivation letter.

8.  Assist application payment arrangement **

9.  Arrange interviews or school entrance exam when needed.

School arrangement

10. When schools offer places for students, TES will assist parents in the final decision making in the aim of choosing the most suitable school for student.

11.  Assist school fee (and boarding) payment arrangement  **

Visa application

12. Prepare all necessary documents for Visa application purpose

13. Assist and guide through the application process 

Boarding preparation

14. Assist in packing preparation with a list of necessary items for boarding 
15. Flights and transportation arrangement to Germany and from German airport to Highschool boarding *
16. Settle service when needed (including town hall registration, insurance application, mobile contract, etc.)
17. Intermediate stay arrangement * (when necessary)
18. Language school suggestion and arrangement * (when high school does not provide)
19. Regular contact (at least once a month) with parents and students for first year.

* All arrangement do not include costs of flight ticket, accommodation and tuition fee.

** Assistance does not include the actual fee needed to be paid

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