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At Zinzendorfschulen you live and learn in a unique ambience of historic surroundings and the unspoilt countryside of teh Black Forest. The Zinzendorfschulen are characterized by a variety of educational paths. This variety offers optimal choices according to student's own inerests and abilities. With over 200 years of experience in education, Zinzendorfschulen supports common sense, takes care of each indivdidual in a very personal and trustful manner. The school's lively extra-curricular program makes everyone feel immediately at ease.

School Website:

Total number of Students: 

Number for boarders: 

Size of classes:

Group size in boarding:

School Uniform:







School Programme

School Structure:

G8/ G9

Study streams:

Natural Sciences; Languages; Visual Arts and Design


Remedial education:


Special features:

Supervised, individual study blocks in an additional learning campus with assistance from the teaching staff

German as a foreign language. Private lessons on demand. Special tutoring and activity program for international students. Psychologist at school.

Sports: golf, soccer, basketball, athletics, fitness, horseback riding, skiing. Others: Several Orchestras and choirs, theater and drama group, jazz band, medical service and more.

Decentralized campus with school and boarding home within walking distance. Religion is a compulsory subject for all students.

Boarding Information

Accommodation in boarding:

Twin rooms, single rooms (depending on age)

Boarding Close:

All Holidays

Special Admission Requirement

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