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Max-Rill-Gymnasium Schloss Reichersbeuern

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The Max-Rill-Gymnasium was founded in 1938 as a private boarding school. It is situated in a historic castle located south of Munich and—with around 140 pupils— it is one of the smallest state-approved grammar schools and boarding schools in Bavaria that can point to a long tradition. Given the manageable size of our school, our teachers know their students very well and can take care of them and accompany them on an individual basis during the learning process. Our college has got a special profile in social sciences, theatre, and digitally-based learning. We admit a limited number of international students and successfully integrate them into our classes. Important for an open-minded and intercultural learning is our partnership with a college in Moscow/Russia.

School Website:

Total number of Students: 

Number for boarders: 

Size of classes:

Group size in boarding:

School Uniform:







School Programme

School Structure:


Study streams:

Social Sciences; Fine Arts


Remedial education:


Special features:

Years 7-10 supervised study time, years 11-12 individual study time

Tutoring lessons for all subjects, spelling and reading courses, weekly study groups in main subjects

Sports: skiing, snowboarding, golf, soccer, hiking, tennis, basketball, trampoline, horseback riding, climbing, badminton, archery. Others: vocal and instrumental lessons, visits to theaters and concerts, choir, band, cooking

Parent contact via Skype at least twice a year

Boarding Information

Accommodation in boarding:

Year 5-10 Twin rooms, Year 11-12 Single rooms

Boarding Close:

Special Admission Requirement

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