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Heimschule Kloster Wald

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The integrated educational concept is based on Pestalozzi's principle of “head, heart and hand”. Wide offer of a variety of sports, musical and theater pedagogical activities, leisure and weekend activities. Attending religious education and Sunday mass is compulsory. Social services; days of religious retreat; education focuses on Christian values.

School Website:

Total number of Students: 

Number for boarders: 

Size of classes:

Group size in boarding:

School Uniform:







School Programme

School Structure:


Study streams:

Natural Sciences; Languages


Remedial education:


Special features:

2 hours supervised daily

Individual support and supporting language lessons for International students. Qualified social education worker at school.

Sports: tennis, horseback riding, golfing, swimming, volleyball, cross country running, fitness training, sailing. Others: theater, choir, orchestra, school band, music lessons, handicrafts, excursions.

Abitur (A-levels) and an optional certificate of apprenticeship (from Year 9 parallel to school lessons) for dressmaking, joinery or sculpture.

Boarding Information

Accommodation in boarding:

Twin rooms; Single rooms in Year 11 and 12

Boarding Close:

Special Admission Requirement

Girl School; only accept EU applicants

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