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Thoss Education Service provides the latest news on study abroad in Germany. Be it for highschool, foundation course, Bachelor or Master degree, TES is able to provide professional advises, assistance and services to answer to guide you through your education path.


Thoss Education Service is an independent education adviser, we build networks of quality and affordable education from Germany and offer you the opportunities to receive highly rated German Education at German Institutions. Our aim is to help students to locate the most suitable School or University which best fit student´s interest and development.​


Thoss Education Service´s headquarter situated south of Stuttgart in Baden Württemberg. We visit our clients and students in Asia at least twice a year, we also host Seminar of German Education while visiting. If you are interested in the schedule of our upcoming seminars, please click here

Our services

German Education System and teaching methods are not similar to those from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, USA, UK or Australia, therefore interested parents and students should spend time to understand the available paths in orders to choose the most compatible Schools, Universities and Other Education Institutes. This is especially true when information on German Education is relatively limited compare to other English speaking countries, in addition Language barriers also prevent parents and students to obtain the latest information regarding German Education. Thoss Education Service aims to assist students and parents with our professional advises during the complicated process. Our services include:  

Universities Inquiry & Recommendation

Profile building and evaluate student's school performance and strength, provide different study options based on study preferences and financial condition 

German Language Learning

German courses A1-C1 for teenagers and adults based on CEFR. 

Boarding School Recommendation & Application

Provide a throughout and professional consultation on Germany Highschool, including teaching vision, school facilities, subjects selection, school environment, budget and application process. 

Attractive and outstanding curriculum vitae and motivation letter work as bonus point when applying to your dream highschool or University. We assist applicants in such to increase admission chance.  

Profile analysis, including evaluation on student education background 2. Provide all possible study options based on student ability 

We host Seminars in Asia countries every now and then, provide participants information on latest German Education and offer advises.  

Summer Camp every year between June to August from various Highschools, Language Institutions and Activity groups in Germany. 

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