Why Thoss Education Service? 

Independent Education Consultant

THOSS is education planner, we do not offer just any program, our service is independent from educational provider and we value fair and quality education highly. We promise to provide unbiased suggestions based on your own interest, preference and situation, offer student suitable study options and make sure they are ready for upcoming challenges.

Immediate assistance

We locate in south Germany with an extensive network nationally, being close to our clients is what makes us outstanding. We are able to provide immediate assistance whenever student needs.

Professional team with rich experiences

We are a team of working professionals who had studied in Germany as local and international students. We are able to offer advices from a all-round perspective,  because we understand your situation better than anyone.

One-stop study solution

We provide one-off study solution and cover a wide range of services. We are there when you need advices before and during your study, but also when you need help kicking start your career.

Career advisor in Germany

Our team contain professionals with rich experiences in various industries and going through diverse career paths. We are capable to provide guidance and suggestions throughout your study and career building.

Privacy Policy

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