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德國3種大學類型 3 main types of higher education in Germany

德國國家認可的大學有大約427間, 大學類型分三種:

1. 傳統大學 (Universitäten/ Hochschulen)

2. 應用科學大學 (Fachhochschulen)

3. 藝術,電影和音樂學院



傳統大學以理論和學術為主導, 提供學位課程及廣泛的學科。一些大學有某些專門學科領域,例如技術大學,醫學院校和教育學院。如果您想於日後攻讀博士學位,傳統大學是您的地方。






** 私立大學比共立大學好嗎?

德國大學多數由政府資助,少部份大學的資助來自教會。不過,德國也有120所私立大學 - 多為應用科學大學 - 其學位由國家認可。



There are 427 state accredited universities around Germany with three types of higher education institutions:

1. Universities

2. Universities of applied sciences

3. Colleges of art, film and music

Choosing the right type of university largely depends on what you want to study.


Universities offer strong theoretical and academically-oriented degree programmes and a broad range of disciplines. Some universities have specialised in certain subject areas, for example, technical universities, medical schools and colleges of education. If you would like to pursue a doctorate (earn a PhD) at some point, a university is the right place for you.

Universities of applied sciences

Instruction at universities of applied sciences is strongly practice-oriented. The course work provides the theoretical background and prepares students for the real-world requirements of professional life. Internships and practical semesters form an integral part of the degree programmes.

Colleges of art, film and music

Colleges of art, film and music offer instruction in artistic subjects, such as Fine Arts, Acting, Dance, Industrial and Fashion Design, Graphic Art, Instrumental Music and Singing. Students enrolled at colleges for modern media are trained to become directors, camera operators, screenwriters and film and television professionals.

To gain admission to such programmes, you have to demonstrate special artistic talent, normally by means of an aptitude test. There are also special admission requirements for these colleges. Please note that most art, film and music colleges only provide instruction in German.

**Are Private Universities better?

Most universities in Germany are publicly financed. A few universities receive their funding from the Protestant or Catholic Church. However, there are 120 private universities – most of them universities of applied sciences – whose degrees are recognised by the state.

Most students in Germany are enrolled at public universities. Only around 5.5 percent attend a private university. This is because private universities often charge high tuition fees. The quality of instruction at both types of universities is comparably good.


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