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全球生活質量最好的30個城市, 德國佔7個! Germany has 7 among the top 30 cities with highest quality of living worldwid

Every year Mercer, one of the world's largest , releases its Quality of Living Index, which looks at which cities provide the best quality of life. Yesterday it released 18th annual Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

Looking at 440 cities across the world, Mercer takes into account the following metrics to judge which cities made the list for the best quality of life:

  • Political and social environment (political stability, crime, law enforcement)

  • Economic environment (currency-exchange regulations, banking services)

  • Socio-cultural environment (media availability and censorship, limitations on personal freedom)

  • Medical and health considerations (medical supplies and services, infectious diseases, sewage, waste disposal, air pollution)

  • Schools and education (standards and availability of international schools)

  • Public services and transportation (electricity, water, public transportation, traffic congestion)

  • Recreation (restaurants, theatres, cinemas, sports and leisure)

  • Consumer goods (availability of food/daily consumption items, cars)

  • Housing (rental housing, household appliances, furniture, maintenance services)

  • Natural environment (climate, record of natural disasters)

German-speaking cities dominate the top 7 rankings, with Vienna joined by Zurich, Munich, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. And among the top 30 cities, besides Munich, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt occupying the top 7, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Nürnberg are also listed.

South-East Asia cities were also on the list, with Singapore ranked 26, Tokyo at 44, while Hong Kong is at the position of 70, Shanghai at 101 and Beijing at 118.

Mercer 於昨天公佈 第18屆 生活質量指數調查報告 。Mercer 是全球最大的人力資源顧問公司之一, 每年均會公佈俱國際影響力的全球生活質量指數排名, 嚴選提供最優質生活的城市。

Mercer 用以下多個度量標準於全球440個城市當中作比較並排列出優質生活指數的城市:

  • 政治和社會環境(政治穩定、罪案率、執法制度)

  • 經濟環境(貨幣兌換條例、銀行服務)

  • 社會文化(媒體和其審查制度、對人身自由的限制)

  • 醫療衛生方面的考慮(醫療供應和服務、傳染病、污水、垃圾處理、空氣污染)

  • 學校和教育(標準教肓水平和國際學校的供應)

  • 公共服務和運輸(電力、供水、公共交通、交通擁堵)

  • 娛樂(餐廳、劇院、電影院、體育和休閒)

  • 消費品(糧食供應 、日常消費項目、汽車)

  • 房屋(租賃住房、家用電器、家具、維修服務)

  • 自然環境(氣候、自然災害記錄)

優質生活指數全球排名頭7位,除了Auckland (紐西蘭)及 Vancouver (加拿大) 外, 全屬主語言為德語的城市, Vienna (奧地利)、Zurich (瑞士)、Munich (德國)、Düsseldorf (德國) 及 Frankfurt (德國)。屬於德國的優質生活城市除了以上, 還有 Berlin、Hamburg、Stuttgart 及 Nürnberg 均濟身全球 30 大。

東南亞城市亦榜上有名, 最高排名為 星加坡 第26名、 東京 44、香港排名70、上海及北京則分別為第 101 及 118名。

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