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德國免費教育 Free Education in Germany

Many have asked if studying in Germany is really for free?

YES, students pay only administration fee of less than €300 per semester, however there are not as many free program which offers in English as there are in German.

Some international and Master programs charge for an institutional fee, but compares to USA, UK or Australia, Germany charges a very competitive price with a equally sophisticated and highly qualified education system.

German believes in fair education and they value the importance of further education. By lowering or funding educational fee, German Government hopes to bring bright people into higher education, thus attracts many European students and increasingly more Asian and American.

好多家長問究竟德國讀書是否免費 ?

是, 德國政府於2014年全面取消高等教肓學費, 學生只需付不多於300 歐元每學期作行政費用 ! 但大部份免費大學都以德語授課, 全英語授課的科目相比德語授課較少。

部份英語授課的學士及碩士課程會收取學費, 但相對於英國、美國及澳洲, 德國大學的學費較低。德國政府非常支持高等教肓方案, 所以部份國際及碩士課程亦得到政府資助, 學費不高。

以優質及多元化的教育水平見稱的德國教育絕對屬於高性價比, 也難怪除了吸引各國歐洲學生, 亦開始增加不少亞洲學生及美國留學生遠赴德國求學。

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