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Dietrich R. Thoss
Founder & Career Advisor
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Graduated from Munich University of Applied Sciences with a Master in Engineer (Diplom-Ingenieur). Mr. Thoss has over 20 years experiences working in car industry, currently the program director of S-Class at Daimler AG.  Mr. Thoss´s rich career experience makes him the ideal person for mentorship and giving advises to younger career builders. 

Worked 3 years in China, Mr. Thoss had the opportunities to work with many Chinese students and had very good impressions with the strengths and positive characteristics of the young generations. After returning to Germany, Mr. Thoss devotes part of his time to invest in helping talented Chinese students to develop further in Germany.

Meet Wong

Alby W.S. Wong
Market Development & Study Advisor
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MBA degree from well-known business school - Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences .  Over 7 years of customer service experience in luxury industry, in charge of customer relationship and service quality control.

Originally from Hong Kong, educated in Australia and Germany for Bachelor and Master accordingly. Worked as a student consultant for students who sought Australia Education, now focus on providing consultation for students who are interested to study in Germany. 

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